Polycom RMX IVR slides sizing

If you’ve ever had problem uploading your slides to your Polycom RMX video bridge, here is my little guide.

  1. Use a standalone RMX Manager, not the one running in the browser.
  2. Create a low resolution image in the size 704*576 pixels and save it as 24 BitsPerPixel BMP, the file size should be 1 216 566 Bytes.
  3. Create the high resolution version of the same slide in the size 1920*1088 pixels and save it as 24 BitsPerPixe JPG, the file size shouldn’t exceed the 300 KB.
  4. So the two files have the same name, but different extension!
  5. Upload first the small resolution file and then the high resolution file.
  6. When you try to upload and you don’t see the blue progress bar, you need to try from an other computer, I don’t know the reason why the upload doesn’t work from some computers. Any idea?

So there are some issues, but using this procedures, I managed to upload the slides.

Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in the RMX. When it send 720p30 resolution stream to an endpoint, the low resolution slide is used. The HD slide is used only if 1080p30 stream is sent to the video endpoint.